Family Roast + Gomez-Coffee Family
Family Roast + Gomez-Coffee Family

Family Roast + Gomez-Coffee Family

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The “Family Roast”

AdoptTogether x Our City Coffee

$5 from every purchase goes directly to support The Gomez-Coffee Family in the adoption process.


Maple . Citrus . Floral

Size - 12oz 

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We are the Gomez-Coffee Family - Jorge, Cheryl, Laura and Sarah and Jorge's sons - Alex and David. We are in the process of adopting a 14 year old boy from Colombia. Jorge was born in Colombia and we wanted to adopt from Colombia so that our adopted child can share that connection with Jorge and our children. We participated in an exchange hosting program last year with KidSave and that is where we met our potential adoptive son. While we are close to the official match with our hopeful adopted son, COVID has caused some delays, but we hope to travel before the year end. We are looking forward to growing our family.