About Us

Founded by two brothers who believe their love of coffee can create a movement to inspire others and impact peoples lives across the globe! We set out to create a coffee brand that is much more than coffee....

"What if we could take an everyday consumer product and create an opportunity to impact someone's life...."

Founders Tim & Pat Curran

We Are:

Premium Specialty Coffee: We take pride in our coffee, we roast weekly and ship directly to your door so you can enjoy fresh coffee and have the best experience possible. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, a casual fan or just in search of new experiences, we're here to provide you with the highest quality coffees.

Giving Back: Everything we do has a give back. It's in the DNA of Our City Coffee. We would love if you shared any causes, groups or individuals we could help support. Feel free to email us anytime Team @ OurCityCoffee.com 


Our Fundraisers and Experiences:

Our City = Community. Whether on a local, national or global level Our City harnesses the passion for community to give back and make a difference.

Our Fundraisers are sourced with people who care about giving back. We're creating fundraisers and experiences to provide more opportunities locally and across the globe for people in need.