Have Coffee With Rose Namajunas!

Do you want to have coffee with UFC superstar Rose Namajunas?!

Here's what you get: 

  • Coffee with Rose Namajunas (It's ok if you don't drink coffee you can still participate) 
  • Round trip flight to Denver, Colorado for you and a guest 
  • 1 night stay in a hotel 
  • Learn some of Rose's Gardening secrets 
  • 1 month of Our City Coffee beans
  • Winner will be announced early November. Enter below! 
*Must be over 18 years old
*Everyone can participate - Flights are U.S. Only

 Proceeds will go to:  Fight For The Forgotten

The Batwa Pygmies in southwestern Uganda are among the most bullied people in the world. After co-existing with the rainforest as hunter-gatherers and "Keepers of the Forest" for thousands of years, the Pygmies are now being systematically evicted from their ancestral home. With no compensation for their losses or tools to help them adapt to modern society, they have been left landless, homeless, hopeless, and on the verge of literal extinction as a people.

Fighting for the Batwa: Justin Wren and Fight for the Forgotten are partnering with in-country Ugandan businesses and NGOs to equip the Batwa Pygmies with land, water, resources, and education to enable them to build their own sustainable future. 


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